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Visar inlägg från december, 2014

Tango Workshop – Abrazo at Chalmers Söndagspraktika

Adventpraktika & Tango Workshop – Abrazo at Chalmers Söndagspraktika 

Tango Workshop - Abrazo

The Tango conversation happens in the Abrazo. The art of embracing is the voice. 
We will go through the basic idea of the abrazo, and together we will find out what makes an abrazo comfortable in the dance while we listen closely to each other´s interpretation of the music.
Leader: Kristín Bjarnadóttir and the practica team
Level: Mixed
Time: Sunday, December 7th 17:00 - 18:00 
Price: This workshop is included in the Christmas Practica as a gift!
Registration: Drop in ... at 17! organiced by Chalmers Dansselskap/Chalmers Dance Society

Students 20 SEK
Non-Students 40SEK
Where? Scaniasalen: If the door is locked or you can't find the place please call one of the following numbers : Shwan 0701 59 30 13  Thomman 0762 72 51 60
How to get to Scaniasalen :
Go inside the student union building from the main entrance (inside campus area) walk straight forward and up the stairs, Scaniasalen is on your left…