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Kurs på Chalmers med Fredrik och Kristín

Course 6 xTango lessons – at Chalmers - February – April 2015
with Kristín & Fredrik

Adress: Scaniasalen, Chalmers studentkår, Sven Hultins gata 2, 41258 Göteborg. Time:  we start at 4 pm, Sunday the 15th of February 2015, to continue the 1st, 22 and 29th of Mars and 19th + 26th of April.

obs. The Course is fully booked now, but no vaitinglist so far. You are welcome to register as reserve by mail to:
for further info you can also write to Kristín:

We will work on how to give our sensitivity a structure through dancing, as well as strengthening our awareness/consciousness and the feeling of trust.  We will focus on a dynamical connection while working with straight movements as well as round movements. We will work with musicality as well as useful steps for the milonga and how to create flow on the dance floor.
All this while we walk in to the history of Tango through the music from the golden age of Argentinian tango. You will get space and time to try out both roles, the leader/proposer as well as the role of the follower/interpretatior, just like people used to practice in Buenos Aires.

                                    About the leaders:

 Kristín Bjarnadóttir has been dancing tango since 1996 and gives lessons in tango since 2012, teaching together with Mikael Dexlöv, Malin Backström, Lotta Bohlin, among others.
She has a background as an actress and a musical artist, but now she is busy with the tango, dancing, DJing and writing. She has studied tango in Buenos Aires, Paris and Berlin, and got inspirations from tangovirtuoses like Los Dinzels, Suzanna Miller, Mikael Angel Zotto, Andrea Missé, Brigitta Winkler, and Murat Erdemesel. She has published texts - essays and lyric - about tango in books as well as magazines. A little novel in Swedish you find here:

Fredrik Petrusson is a gifted dancer of the younger generation, with tango education from World Dance Company as well as workshops for international tango pedagogues’, like Daniel Carlsson, Martin Maldonado & Maurizio Ghella, Andreas Lehrke among others. He likes to dance both roles and has participated in several queer dance workshops and courses, before he started to teach himself. Fredrik is a tango addict, he is a board member of Maldido Tango as well as Chalmers Dance society but this is not enough: he travels to tango marathons in Berlin, Bergen, Oslo … to get his tango fix.

foto av Kristín og Fredrik: Anna Styf Ulfsdotter

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